About Us

Smiling dental patient at front deskAt the Central Park South dental office of Dr. Laura Torrado, we’re dedicated to helping patients achieve and maintain their healthiest smiles from age 1 to 101. If you’re new to the area, looking for a dental practice close to your office, or just want to experience the best possible dental care in Manhattan, our office has just what you need to achieve and maintain the healthiest smile for a lifetime. Contact us to schedule an appointment or find out more.


Smiling woman in dental chairPatient Comfort

We understand that dental care is not every patient’s favorite activity. However, we strive to make sure our patients look forward to visiting Dr. Torrado and her friendly, gentle dental team year after year. That starts with providing safe, effective, pain free, and personalized dentistry services for every patient. We go above and beyond to ensure you’re completely at home in our office. For some, this may include sedation dentistry options, but many patients are surprised to find themselves completely comfortable in our office.