Woman looking at cell phone while completing Acceledent treatmentThe AcceleDent system can cut orthodontic treatment time in half. Whether you’re undergoing Invisalign treatment with Dr. Laura Torrado and her team or working with a local orthodontic specialist to receive traditional braces, our team can use the AcceleDent system to help you complete orthodontic treatment more quickly and comfortably. AcceleDent is an accelerated orthodontic treatment developed by OrthoAccel® Technologies, Inc. The AcceleDent system uses micropulses to stimulate the movement of teeth by causing the supportive alveolar bone tissue to remold more quickly. Patients who decide they want to use the AcceleDent system will simply wear a comfortable, lightweight mouthpiece for a predesignated amount of time each day. We can review patients’ results using the USB attachment. We can adjust the treatment plan as indicated by your results. If you’re interested in cutting orthodontic treatment time in half, contact our Central Park South dentistry practice to schedule a consultation today.