Arestin® Antibiotic Therapy

Animation of inside of tooth and supportive structuresPlaque and tartar buildup can lead to periodontal (gum) disease. However, the problem starts smaller with bacteria. There are thousands of oral bacteria that live in the mouth and function as a healthy, natural part of the digestion process. However, bacteria excrete the sticky acidic biofilm known as plaque. That’s why we may recommend antibiotic therapies leading up to or following treatment for periodontal disease. At the Central Park South dental practice of Dr. Laura Torrado, we use Arestin topical antibiotic therapy to reduce the amounts of plaque producing bacteria in the mouth. By controlling the numbers of oral bacteria, we’re able to reduce the risk for the advancement or worsening of gum disease. Arestin is applied immediately following periodontal therapy. We place the antibiotic directly into the pockets between teeth and gums where it is most essential. Contact us to find out more or schedule an appointment.