Dental Bridges

Man in dental chair smiling at dentistEven one missing tooth can disrupt the natural function of the smile causing uneven wear, straining the jaw, or impeding clear speech. We recommend patients replace missing teeth as quickly as possible to avoid unnecessary damage, teeth shifting out of alignment, and additional tooth loss. Depending on the number and location of missing teeth, a dental crown or implant supported fixed bridge may be the best tooth replacement solution. If you’re missing a single tooth or numerous teeth, please contact Dr. Laura Torrado and her dedicated dental team. We offer tooth replacement consultations for patients in Manhattan, the Bronx, New Jersey, and other surrounding communities in our Central Park South dentistry practice.

Model of fixed bridge restorationWhat is a Fixed Bridge?

A bridge is a tooth replacement prosthetic that you may be referred to as a fixed bridge, dental implant supported bridge, or a crown supported bridge. This tooth replacement option is used to restore one or more consecutive missing teeth. Two dental crowns are fused to one or more replacement teeth that create a bridge over the smile gap left by a missing tooth. In some cases, we will recommend a traditional crown supported bridge where we attach the dental crowns to two healthy teeth on either side of the gap. We also may recommend a tooth replacement prosthetic using one or two dental implant posts to anchor the replacement teeth.

Fixed bridge restoration sitting on tableWho Should Consider a Bridge?

Any patient missing one to four consecutive teeth may be a good candidate for either a traditional crown and bridge replacement prosthetic or an implant supported bridge. We’ll review your treatment options during a tooth replacement consultation.

Dental implant supported fixed bridge modelHow are Bridges Placed?

A bridge is placed in a similar manner to dental crowns. Over the course of two appointments in our office, we’ll prepare teeth, capture impressions, design a restoration, and once we receive the final restoration from our office, patients return to exchange their temporary for a custom bridge. For those patients who decided an implant supported bridge is the right option, we may need to see them for three or more appointments due to the added step of surgically placing the implant posts.