Dental Crowns

Smiling woman in dental chairMany of the patients we treat expect their dental restorations to look like a restoration. However, Dr. Laura Torrado and her dedicated team offer treatments that look, feel, and function just like natural dental structures. In some cases where tooth extraction may have been recommended, we can save teeth using dental crowns. These restorations fit over the tops of damaged teeth to replace lost tooth structures, repair damaged teeth, and avoid unnecessary tooth extractions. If you’re in need of a dental crown or want to explore your restoration options following damage or decay, contact our Manhattan dental office to schedule an appointment. Conveniently located on Central Park South, we invite patients from Queens, Brooklyn, and other nearby communities to trust their smiles to our team.

Model of dental crown treated toothWhat is a Dental Crown and How Long do They Last?

Dental crowns are restorations that fit completely over the top of a damaged tooth. We can craft these restorations from a variety of materials to ensure the best look and function of your smile. In most cases, crowns can last two or more decades with proper in-office and at-home care.

Lab tech creating dental modelWhat is the Dental Crown Process?

To create and place a dental crown, patients will need to visit our office two times. During the initial visit, we remove decay and often a small amount of healthy structure to allow for the placement of the crown within the natural smile line. Then, we capture impressions of the bite that will be used by our dental lab to craft a custom restoration. Finally, we place a temporary to protect the prepared teeth. When we receive the custom crown from our lab, you’ll need to return to exchange your temporary for the final restoration.

Dental crown modelAre There Benefits to Dental Crown Restoration?

Dental crowns offer a number of benefits to patients’ oral and overall health including:

  • Repairs lost tooth structure
  • Prevents unnecessary tooth loss
  • Looks and feels natural
  • Avoids unnecessary tooth damage or jaw pain caused by an uneven bite