Tooth Fillings

Smiling woman in dental chairWe are passionate about using only the highest quality, longest lasting, safest restoration materials. That’s why we’re dedicated to providing smile repair completely free of mercury. If you have one of the silver-colored, amalgam fillings that were the standard in care for decades, you may be exposed to mercury. While the data is still inconclusive about the potential hazards of amalgam fillings caused by mercury, the disadvantages of amalgam fillings compared with composite resin solutions are clear. If you’re in need of dental restoration following minor damage or decay, we invite you to contact our office to schedule a consultation. Dr. Laura Torrado and her dental team will be happy to explain your treatment options, and help you find the best materials and methods to repair your damaged smile to full form and function. Our state-of-the-art dentistry practice is conveniently located on Central Park South, and we welcome patients from all surrounding Manhattan communities.

Animated tooth with dental fillingWhat are the Disadvantages of Amalgam Fillings?

Amalgam fillings were a reliable dental restoration option and the standard in dental care for decades. However, there were numerous drawbacks associated with amalgams including:

  • Unnatural appearance within the smile line
  • Expansion and contraction that could damage remaining healthy structure
  • Removal of healthy natural tooth structures to accommodate the filling
  • Potentially hazardous materials including mercury in the amalgams

Teeth examined following filling placementWhat are the Advantages of Tooth Colored Fillings?

In addition to addressing the disadvantages of amalgam fillings, tooth colored filling material offers the following advantages:

  • Natural looking and feeling
  • Quickly and painlessly placed in just one appointment
  • Expands and contracts at a similar rate to natural tooth structures
  • No need to remove any healthy tooth structure as the composite resin is applied directly to the tooth

Smiling woman in dental chairHow are Tooth Colored Fillings Placed?

Composite resin filling material is placed directly onto a damaged tooth. The putty-like material is shaped into position and seeps into the smallest tooth crevices creating a seamless seal between tooth and filling. Once in place, we use a curing light to harden the filling.