Preventive Dental Care

Smiling woman in dental chairIt’s important to keep your smile whole and healthy. Rather than seeking treatment after dental damage or decay occurs, partner with Dr. Laura Torrado and her team to maintain your optimal level of smile health. With regular preventive dentistry checkups and cleanings, we’re able to prevent many common oral health issues and provide treatment for others in their earliest stages. Contact us to find out more or schedule your first appointment at our New York City dental office conveniently located on Central Park South.

Dental patient with healthy smileCheckups & Teeth Cleanings

Professional checkups and teeth cleanings are every patient’s first line of defense against dental damage or decay. These regular checkups give us the opportunity to examine your smile for early warning signs of common oral health concerns and provide early intervention. We are also able to clean teeth thoroughly and provide guidance for at home care to keep your smile healthy between trips to our practice. Read more about teeth cleanings and oral hygiene or contact us to find out more.

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Enlarged tooth in dental mirrorDental Sealants

Sealants are a great option to protect smiles from decay. We often recommend these preventive dental sealants for younger patients, but we also use sealants for adults who have deep pits and fissures in teeth and those who are prone to tooth decay. Find out more by clicking the link below, or ask one of our team members at your next appointment.

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Nightguard on metal trayNightguards for Bruxism

For patients who suffer from bruxism, unconscious nighttime teeth grinding or clenching, finding a way to kick their habit may seem impossible. However, we provide a simple, comfortable solution to protect teeth from wear, chips, cracks, and damage. Custom crafted nightguards are used to place a physical barrier between teeth, preventing the damage that may occur when bruxism is left untreated. Additionally, nightguards may reduce the experience of other bruxism side effects like chronic headaches.

Girl with sportsguard playing lacrosseMouthguards for Athletes

If you participate in athletic events where the mouth could undergo trauma from contact with other players, sports equipment, or hard surfaces, we encourage you to wear an athletic mouthguard, often called a sportsguard, during all practices and athletic events. We create custom, comfortable sportsguards that provide more effective protection for our patients, and patients are more likely to wear the guards regularly than one size fits all store bought solutions because custom guards are much more comfortable.

Smiling man in dental chairOral Cancer Screenings

We provide screenings for oral cancer as part of every six month dental checkup. While many patients believe only those who use tobacco products are at risk for oral cancer, many patients diagnosed do not participate in any of the high risk behaviors associated with oral cancer. That’s why screening is so essential. If you notice any changes in the color or texture of soft tissue, sores that do not heal quickly, or have a chronic sore throat, please let us know right away.