Implant Supported Tooth Replacement

Smiling woman in dental chair with healthy teethDental implant supported tooth replacement has allowed us to change the way we care for patients who’ve lost teeth. Rather than replacing just those parts of teeth that are visible above the gums, implants allow us to replace the lost tooth roots that provide support and stability for teeth. Dental Implants mimic the natural structure of the tooth roots, creating a more natural looking and feeling restoration solution. Contact our team to schedule a dental implant consultation today. 

Animation of implant supported dental crownImplant Placement

The first step in the dental implant tooth replacement solution process is the surgical placement of dental implant posts below the gums. The treatment is relatively simple. We make a small incision in the gums. Then, we insert the titanium metal posts into the jawbone. A protective cap is placed over the implant post to allow the implant to fuse with the jaw and mold the gum tissue to leave adequate space for the attachment of abutment and the replacement tooth or teeth as necessary.

Model of fixed bridge tooth replacementImplant Supported Crowns & Bridges

For patients missing one to four consecutive teeth, we may recommend a dental implant supported crown or bridge. A dental crown can be attached to one implant post to replace a single tooth. In some cases, we can use a single implant post to support two crowns that are fused together. To replace three or four consecutive teeth, we will need to use at least two implant posts, one on each end, to support the fixed bridge restoration.

Animation of dental implant supported full dentureImplant Supported Prosthetics

Patients with more extensive tooth loss may need partial or full implant supported dentures. These tooth replacement prosthetics allow us to restore numerous teeth with one prosthetic. Depending on the number and extent of lost teeth, we will need to use four to six implant posts to support the tooth replacement prosthetic.

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Model of implant supported dental crownMini Dental Implants

Mini implant posts are smaller than the traditional implants. We may recommend mini implants for patients who are replacing the smaller teeth in the front of the jaw. Patients who may not have adequate jawbone density to support traditional implant posts can also benefit from the use of mini implants. These smaller posts fuse with gums and jawbone more quickly and require less jawbone density to fully attach to the jaw. If you have questions about mini implants, don’t hesitate to ask during your dental implant consultation.

Older woman in dental chair smilingAll-on-4

As suggested by the name, the All-on-4 procedure is used to replace a full row of missing teeth with just four dental implant posts. Unlike traditional implant supported dentures, All-on-4 uses the naturally denser part of the jawbone at the front to support the entire denture. Two implants are placed vertically into the front of the jaw, and two are angled from the back to the front to support the full denture.