Implant Retained Dentures

Older man in dental chair talking to dentistTooth Replacement is essential whether you’ve lost a single tooth or a full arch of teeth. For those patients who’ve experienced more extensive tooth loss, we will likely recommend a partial or full denture. If patients are interested in a denture with more stability than a traditional, removable solution, dental implant supported dentures offer a more natural looking and feeling tooth replacement option. Contact Dr. Laura Torrado and her team to schedule your dental implant consultation. We’ll walk you through all of your tooth replacement options and help you find the best solution for your smile.

Model of implant retained full dentureDental Implant Supported Dentures

If we determine that a dental implant-retained prosthetic is the best choice for your smile, we’ll need to start by placing four to six dental implant posts as necessary to provide adequate support for your partial or full denture. Following the surgical placement of implant posts, we’ll likely create a removable temporary denture for you to wear until your dental implants have fused with the jawbone. Once your implants are fully fused with the jaw, we’ll attach a custom partial or full denture to the implant posts using a fixed or removable attachment. Fixed dentures can be removed by Dr. Torrado, but you can’t remove them at home. Removable dental implant supported dentures can be taken out at home for cleaning or during sleep.