Root Canal

Dentist and patient examine dental x-raysRoot canal therapy is necessary when decay or damage accesses the pulp layer of the tooth where the nerve is housed. This interior damage can result in a number of oral health concerns, but the earliest indicators are typically severe toothache and sensitivity to changes in temperature. Root canals have gotten a bad reputation, but Dr. Laura Torrado and her team offer safe, comfortable, and effective root canal therapy in our Central Park South dental office. Contact our team if you experience toothache or dental sensitivity that may indicate a need for root canal therapy. Our Manhattan dentistry practice welcomes patients from all nearby communities.

Dentist completing root canal therapyHow are Root Canals Performed?

In order to relieve pain and restore full oral health, we will perform a root canal. The procedure is relatively simple. We drill a small access hole from the top of the tooth to the pulp layer. We’ll use a series of files to remove the pulp and nerve tissue. Then, we refill the tooth with a similar substance. Finally, we reseal the damaged tooth. In most cases, we will also need to place a dental crown to protect and strengthen the tooth. Once the root canal is completed, patients’ smiles remain healthy for decades.