Oral Sedation

Hand holding a white tablet pillOral conscious sedation is a great option for patients who experience severe dental phobia. Taken in pill form about an hour before your appointment, oral conscious sedation allows patients to attain optimal relaxation before they ever leave home for their appointment. Oral sedation is a deeper level of relaxation than nitrous oxide but slightly milder than IV sedation. Oral conscious sedation is long lasting, so patients who choose this sedative option will need to have a friend or family member drive them to and from our office. Throughout the procedure, patients remain conscious and able to respond to questions. However, they will be relaxed and free from pain, and many patients also report not remembering their visit. After treatment, patients should refrain from driving or operating other heavy machinery for at least 12 hours. Plan to return to regular daily activities 12 to 24 hours after your final dose of sedative. Contact Dr. Lora Torrado and her dedicated Central Park South dentistry team to find out more schedule an appointment.