Restorative Dental Care

Smiling woman examined by dentistWhen dental damage or decay are unavoidable, we’ll be happy to provide a wide array of restorative dentistry services to repair damaged dental structures and renew oral health. From basic dental fillings to advanced full mouth reconstructions, Dr. Laura Torrado has the training and experience to provide even the most advanced dentistry services in comfort, free from stress. Contact us right away if you experience any pain or damage. Our office is conveniently located on Central Park South.



Closeup of beautiful healthy smileFull Mouth Reconstruction

Following advanced tooth loss, severe facial trauma, or other serious concerns with smile health, our team can work with patients to create a personalized treatment plan to fully repair the whole form, function, and appearance of your smile. Full mouth reconstruction may include any number of restorative treatments including dental implants, crowns and bridges, fillings, and even cosmetic dentistry services. We’ll take the time to create an individual treatment plan to fit your needs, budget, and schedule.

Young couple with healthy attractive smilesCrown & Bridge


Dental crowns and fixed bridges allow our team to repair dental damage and replace missing teeth. We offer crowns and bridges in a variety of materials depending on the location and the extent of damage. Crowns and bridges are two of the most frequently used restorative dentistry solutions to help patients repair advanced dental damage.

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Woman in dental chair receives treatmentTooth Colored Fillings

Fillings are used to replace lost tooth structure following minor dental damage or decay. Traditionally, metal amalgams were used, but today, we use tooth colored composite resins for a more natural looking and longer lasting restoration. We can also use composite resin filling materials to correct purely cosmetic concerns like chips, cracks, and staining.

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Hands holding full denturePartial & Full Dentures

Partial and full dentures are necessary when patients have lost numerous teeth or a full arch of teeth. Partials are used to fill in the gaps in patients’ smiles and full dentures replace an entire row of missing teeth. We can also provide dental implant supported partials and dentures to ensure optimal stability.

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Man with healthy attractive smileRoot Canal Therapy

Root canals are necessary when dental damage or decay reaches the inner most layer of the tooth known as the pulp. Within the pulp, the entire nerve system of the tooth is housed, and when this nerve is accessed, the result may be severe toothache, dental sensitivity, and other issues. We can save the damaged tooth with root canal therapy.

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